Entrepreneurship Development Program

Entrepreneurship Development Program

Socio-economic development is an integrated concept of growth and poverty elimination for the overall development of the country. Nirmal Prem Foundation of India has been working quite some time for the development of rural and backward classes of the country. We continue to undertake several initiatives for the improvement of the economy.

We assess the disability of the particular physically challenged person and then find out his abilities and type of work he can do efficiently without any hindrance or with minimum support. We then train them on that particular skill so that they can work for their livelihood. Apart from differently abled individuals, we train women so that they are empowered to earn and enhance their livelihood.

Our Entrepreneurship Development Program helps physically challenged people and women to develop their entrepreneurial skills. We train the individuals and ensure they inculcate skills that are necessary to run a business successfully.

We strive to facilitate new avenues for employment generation. If any differently-abled person cannot get any basic job or the ones that they deserve, we ensure that they are trained and skilled to start their venture.

EDP Courses : - (Wood Decorative Items ,Masala Grinding & Packing ,Pickle Making ,Candle Making .

Silai School

Silai School for Girls who are living in rural areas of Panipat .We have started our first Silai school in Panipat district to make every woman financial independent.